BigCommerce Customer Segmentation

Why is customer segmentation important?

Customer segmentation is a process of dividing a customer base into distinct groups of individuals that share similar characteristics. By understanding the different needs, wants, and values of each group, businesses can more effectively market their products and services.

Additionally, customer segmentation can help to identify opportunities for new products and services that may appeal to specific segments. As such, it is an essential tool for any business that is looking to better understand its customers and drive sales growth.

Why customer segementation helps you for your BigCommerce store

When you have a bigcommerce store, customer segementation is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales and conversion rates. By identifying your different customer types and targeting them with specific marketing messages, you can dramatically improve your results.

BigCommerce makes it easy to segment your customers using a variety of criteria, including purchase history, demographics, and behaviors. You can then create targeted campaigns specifically for each segment, making sure that your message is perfectly aligned with their needs and interests.

RetentionX finally makes it super easy to turn your data and insights into winning strategies.”


In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, bigcommerce customer segmentation can give you a major edge over your rivals. If you’re not already taking advantage of this powerful tool, now is the time to start.

Customer Segmentation for BigCommerce with RetentionX

Every customer is different and should be treated as such. Segmenting your customers into groups allows you to compare them against each other and see which ones have particular behavioral patterns. This knowledge is key to understanding your customers and knowing which ones are worth focusing on – and which ones you should avoid. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use RetentionX, a customer intelligence platform for consumer brands, to segment your BigCommerce store’s customers!

Create Compare Synchronize Segments

There are a few different ways to segment your BigCommerce customers. The most common method is by purchase history. You can segment your customers based on how often they purchase, what they purchase, and how much they spend. Another way to segment your customers is by their location. This can be useful if you have a physical store or are targeting a specific region. Finally, you can segment your customers by their demographics, such as age, gender, or income.

Once you’ve decided how to segment your customers, you’ll need to create groups for each segment. To do this in RetentionX, go to the „Segments“ tab and click „Create Segment.“ Give your segment a name and description, then choose the criteria for that segment. For example, you could create a segment for customers who have made a purchase in the last 30 days.

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Once you’ve created your segments, you can start analyzing your customer data. RetentionX gives you valuable insights into your customer’s behavior, such as their retention rate, lifetime value, and engagement score. You can also see how your segments compare to each other. This information is vital for understanding your customers and growing your business.

Principal arguments for RetentionX

RetentionX is a customer intelligence platform that enables consumer brands to RetentionX offers several key benefits that make it an advantageous solution for brands looking to win in the digital era. First, RetentionX puts customers at the center of the brand, enabling brands to more effectively understand and engage their target audience.

Additionally, RetentionX provides brands with actionable insights that can be used to improve retention and grow the business. Finally, RetentionX offers a number of features that are designed to help brands optimize their retention strategy, including customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, and churn prevention. Overall, RetentionX is an effective tool for consumer brands looking to improve retention and grow their business.

Advantage summary

  • reliable & accurate data
  • concise & easy to use interface
  • learning how different groups of customers interact with your brand
  • use your marketing budget in the most effective way possible

Start using RetentionX today

So there you have it! Segmenting your BigCommerce customers is a great way to get to know them better and make sure you’re focusing on the right ones. RetentionX makes it easy to segment your customers and get valuable insights into their behavior. So what are you waiting for?

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