Gross Margin Calculation

What is gross margin?

Gross margin is a financial metric that measures the profitability of a business. It represents the percentage of revenue that a company keeps after accounting for the cost of goods sold. It can be calculated by dividing gross profit by revenue.

When talking about improving profitability, managing and increasing Gross Margins is key in order to achieve the financial success of your business.”


It is typically reported on a company’s income statement. A higher gross margin indicates that a company is more profitable and efficient. Companies with higher ones are usually able to reinvest back into their business and grow at a faster rate.

Gross profit vs. gross margin

These are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to slightly different things. Gross profit is the total revenue that a business generates, minus the cost of goods sold. In other words, it’s the money that a business has left over after paying for the materials and labor required to produce its products or services.

As mentioned before, gross margin is a measure of profitability that takes into account not just the cost of goods sold, but also all other operating expenses.

Why gross margin is relevant to your business?

Gross Margin is important because it allows you to track your profitability over time and see how efficient your business is in terms of generating revenue. Additionally, it is often used as a benchmark when comparing businesses in the same industry.

Gross Margin Report

Improve your gross margins with RetentionX

If you’re looking to improve the profitability of your business, then you should focus on your gross margin. This is one of the most important metrics that you need to pay attention to. However, calculating it can be a tricky task.

Gross Margin Predictions

That’s where RetentionX comes in. We make it easy for you to get deeper insights into your business so that you can identify products and customer segments that are dragging down your margins.

Improve your gross margins by:

  • Identifying products without sufficient contribution margin that cannot be marketed profitably
  • Finding out how much profit you are giving away on average through discounts and how many of your customers are unprofitable
  • Determining which products and customer segments are responsible for high product return rates
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